Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Triggers in Silverlight 2 Beta!

Being a WPF developer, I have been hoping that the Silverlight model would resemble WPF closely. After all, Silverlight is supposed to be a 'subset' of WPF (remember the code name for Silverlight was WPF/E - 'WPF Everywhere').

Now that Silverlight 2 Beta is out, I have been looking at it very closely. As expected a lot of features are common to WPF - styles, templates, databinding etc. But what on earth happened to triggers? Triggers are missing! C'mon Microsoft don't tell us there are no triggers in Silverlight. I'm hoping that triggers will arrive before the final release of Silverlight.

By the way, let me clarify that when I say that there are no triggers in Silverlight 2 Beta 1 what I mean is no triggers where they matter most - in styles, control templates and data templates. The FrameworkElement class does have a trigger collection, but that is not very useful is it, without triggers in styles and templates?

Update: For a full discussion on the differences between the WPF and Silverlight 2 model, see this post.

Also enjoy this geeky duel on the new Silverlight templating model (sans triggers) between two of my esteemed colleagues at IdentityMine - Robby Ingebretsen and Dr. WPF.

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