Saturday, September 27, 2008

Silverlight 2 RCO is Out

Silverlight 2 RCO is Out! So that means that the Silverlight RTW (Release To Web) is round the corner. The RCO release is a developer-only runtime edition that will help developers to prepare their existing Silverlight 2 Beta 2 applications for the final release. Some points to note:
  • This RCO release is feature complete - so do not expect any more controls/features in the Silverlight 2 release. However more controls/features can be expected in future months to be built on top of Silverlight 2 (these will not be part of the core runtime).

  • Three new controls added - ComboBox, ProgressBar, and PasswordBox. These along with most other controls will be part of the Silverlight runtime (which means that these will not be needed to be downloaded with the Silverlight application).

  • The Silverlight runtime is still only 4.6MB in size.

  • The default control styles/templates have been modified.

  • Once Silverlight 2 is released, users with existing beta releases installed will automatically be upgraded to use the final version (also developer machines with RCO , I suppose).

  • A modal dialog MessageBox is now available.

  • System.Windows.Controls.Extended.dll renamed to System.Windows.Controls.dll

  • If you are using custom controls, remember that generic.xaml is now expected in the 'themes' folder rather than at the root of the project.